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Crypto-Currency and Cyber-Currency Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2018 to 2024

A new study Crypto-Currency Markets: Market Shares, Strategy, and Forecasts, worldwide, 2018 to 2024. The 2018 study has 299 pages, 78 tables and figures. Worldwide markets are poised to achieve continuing growth as the advantages of digital currency move away from the drug dealers and the criminals to mainstream activities like supply chain management and IoT communications. Cyber currency is useful in marketing and branding.
The value of Bitcoin is very volatile. The number of payments that can be handled is low. So why does the cyber currency hold attractions and have a high market cap? The reason is people can use it to move money around anomalously. This has value to some people. The cyber-currencies are expected to further evolve lowering the cost of bank settlements and giving people access to inexpensive worldwide payments systems.
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Bitcoin does face scaling issues that will need to be resolved for its longer-term viability specifically, transaction processing costs, speed, and energy requirements will need to be addressed.
Key Topics-
1.      Crypto-Currency
2.      Dark Web
3.      Dark Net
4.      Consumer Digital Currency
5.      Enterprise Digital Currency
6.      Cyber-Currency
7.      Bitcoin
8.      Ethereum
9.      Ripple
10.  Bitcoin Cash
11.  Litecoin
12.  EOS
13.  Cardano
14.  Stellar
15.  NEO
16.  Monero
17.  IOTA
18.  Dash
19.  Tether
Companies Profiled-
1.      Bitcoin
2.      Ethereum
3.      Ripple
4.      Bitcoin Cash
5.      Litecoin
6.      EOS
7.      Cardano
8.      Stellar
9.      NEO
10.  Monero
11.  IOTA
12.  Dash
13.  Tether
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Some points from TOC:-
Abstract: Cybercurrency Markets Bring Lower Costs and Higher Value 1
Cybercurrency Executive Summary 14
Bitcoin Not An Effective Form Of Payment 14
Blockchain Business Value 17
Bitcoin Not An Effective Form Of Payment 17
1. Cryptocurrency: Market Description and Market
Dynamics 19
1.1 The Myth Persists 19
1.1.1 What Will a Stable Cyber Currency Look Like? 20
1.1.2 Crypto Currencies With A Fixed Supply Are Inherently Too Volatile To
Be Useful 22
1.1.3 Crypto Currency Theft Is Irreversible 22
1.1.4 Crypto-Currencies Represent A New Way Of Managing Transactions
Locally Or Within A Fixed System 22
1.2 Volatility of The Value Of Crypto-Currencies 23
1.3 IBM and Central Banks 25
1.4 Cryptographically Secure Tokens 27
1.4.1 IBM's Work With Assets Issued On A Blockchain 27
3. Cybercurrency Product Description 83
3.1 Dangers to the Dollar 83
3.1.1 US Balanced Budget 83
3.1.2 Blockchain Is Distributed Ledger Technology 85
3.2 Russian Currency Put In Place To Enable The Government To Tackle The
Problem Of Tax Evasion 86
3.3 Blockchain Technology 89
3.4 Vendors Accepting BitCoins 91
3.4.1 Bitcoin Not An Effective Form Of Payment 95
3.5 Coin Market Average Transaction Fee 98
4. Cybercurrency Research and Technology 99
4.1 Standards 99
4.1.1 SuchApp 100
4.2 Blockchain Decentralized ledger 100
4.2.1 South Korean Justice Ministry Seeks to Regulate Cyber Currency: South
Koreans Suggest Shutting Down Cryptocurrency Exchanges 101
4.3 Corporations Going Full Speed Ahead With Blockchain 104
4.4 Bitcoin Conversion to Local Currency 105
4.5 Current Value Of Data Center Infrastructure $10 Trillion 106
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